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Instead of using a metallic needle as in the traditional needle acupuncture, it employs an electrode and pass a small current into the acupoints to achieve the desired healing effect.

What is needleless acupuncture?

Needleless acupuncture is a form of Electro­acupuncture. Instead of using metallic needle as in the traditional needle acupuncture, it employs an electrode and pass a small current into the acupoints to achieve the desired healing effect.

How is it compared with the traditional acupuncture ?

Electro­acupuncture can be as effective as the traditional or conventional acupuncture if it is performed in the hands of a qualified practitioner. Its range of application is as wide as the traditional acupuncture.

How does it work ?

It works in the same way as the traditional acupuncture.  There are three generally accepted theories explaining how traditional acupuncture works. These are the Gate control of Pain Theory, The Neuro­endocrine Theory and lastly the Semi­conductor Theory. The role played by the needling of the acupoints in these theories was scientifically explained. Like the selective blocking of the pain transmission of the nerve fibre as in the Pain Control Theory, the stimulation of the body to produce its own natural pain killer (endorphin) as in the Neuro­endocrine Theory and lastly in the Semi­conductor Theory, the helping of the body to biophysically resolve the abnormality accumulated as a result of injury ordisease to achieve the repairing or healing effect.

Electro­acupuncture can plays the same role as the traditional needle acupuncture and is equally as effective.

Who needs Needleless Acupuncture ?

For those who is particularly sensitive to traditional acupuncture both physically sensitive to pain and psychologically to the acupuncture procedure. This is the most suitable alternative. In addition, this is also extremely good for kids since it produce no pain or discomfort in the course of treatment.

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